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How to Cancel

Dear Member ~

You can cancel anytime and are never under any obligation to continue. However there are a couple things we’d like you to be aware of first…

1st did you know that there are three Monthly Beacon options to choose from and that you can change which one you get at any time?
They are:

  • Monthly Beacon: Astro (MBA)
  • Monthly Beacon: Tarot (MBT)
  • Monthly Beacon: Combo (MBC) Both Astro and Tarot

So before you cancel you may want to check out what’s offered on each one here.

Some other things to know about canceling your membership…

1. All cancelations must be received VIA EMAIL. (See form below.) Please do not call to cancel.

2. IF you download the current month, you will be expected to pay for it. Which means if you access the MB Membership site after you have emailed requesting to cancel, it is assumed that you got the current month’s MB and so you will be charged for that month and your request to cancel will apply to the following month.
>HENCE,:Please do not access the site once you have sent an email requesting to cancel.

3. When canceling your membership, please be sure to notify us at least 3 days prior to your usual billing date to make sure your next charge does not go through.

4. Important: If you click CANCEL located at the bottom of any email announcement you receive from us, this does NOT cancel your membership but rather only unsubscribes you from the mailing list. To cancel you MUST send us a separate email to stop the recurring monthly charge. If you simply cancel the mailing list subscription, we have no way of knowing that you also intended to stop the billing.

5. Just one more thing…if you are canceling because you have experienced technical difficulties, we would like to encourage you to contact us first as we are more than happy to help you in accessing and using the Monthly Beacon site.

Form for Canceling Your Membership
Remember, you must send a written request via email to cancel.

Copy and paste the following text (red portion only) into a new e-mail:


Reason for canceling (your feedback is very helpful and appreciated):

Send the email to:
>Please include your first and LAST name in your email!

If you do decide to cancel your MB Membership, we have appreciated your support and are sorry to see you go. We hope you find your way back here in the future!

Blessings and Light,

Elizabeth Jones

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