Hi Everyone. Here we are…at the week of the exact Cardinal Cross that so many have talked/written about. I want to begin by saying that the energies from this rare and potent event have been impacting us for weeks and will continue to do so (especially in June and July…more on that in future ACMs). This month especially, there certainly has been an increase in transportation accidents, senseless violence, global conflicts and some just weird news-worthy events.

Personally I’ve heard of things such as major life-changing events, realizations and breakthroughs. Indeed, things have really ramped up as the celestial energies have accelerated. As I said in a couple places on ACM, many seem to be finding themselves at a crossroad when decisions as to which direction(s) to go in need to be made.pathways_of_light

It is certainly a time where we can move forward quickly in one direction or another. So it is most important to stay conscious and aware of what life is presenting now.

Here are some suggestions for how to work with these energies:

  • If you are at a crossroad in some way, consider that the choice you make will be with your for a while…maybe even a long time. Ask to be shown how that choice will impact your life in the future before moving forward.
  • Stay attentive to messages “from afar” as they are here to help guide you. It may as simple as going to the bookshelf and pulling off a book you haven’t picked up in sometime which has just the right information you need (this just happened to me). It may also be more involved than this such as being drawn to sign up for a class or workshop (actually, this also just happened to me :~)
  • Agreements and/or contracts are ready to end for some, while others are wanting to be made. While this is true, it may take some extra investigating as to what these are in your life. If you are uncertain, make a note to look at the issue again around May 20th when Mars turns direct. At that time you may find you have the information you need to move forward.

These are just some ideas but there are more throughout these months ACM. Here are some places to check out now:

Track 1a: Key Events for the Month~Here I discuss the Grand cross in greater detail. Included is information about a most mystical event called Kairos where the higher energies can mingle with us to create “the supreme moment”.

Track 4: Meditation for the Month~Keeper of the Eternal Flame~Many have said this was a very meaningful meditation for them and this week is a perfect time to do it, or do it again if you already have.

Track 8: Week 4 (4/20 to 4/30)~Here is where I discuss the energies for daily energies during this time.

ACM Blog post: April Overview~This is a special post for a special month where I give some insights into the energies present now and more ideas as to how to work with them. Here’s the link: http://astrocurrentsmonthly.com/2014/03/26/april-overview/

The highest “use” of these energies is to move with them and to stay open to “what it wants of You” as it may be exactly what you are needing to move forward in your life…even in ways that have been stuck or stagnant for some time.

Many blessings,