lunar eclipse-TLE2011Dec10WangLetian900c

Stages of a lunar eclipse. The shadow is from the Earth.

Hello Everyone.
The energies in the days approaching Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse* have been quite incredible. I have definitely felt a ramp up of an unusual kind of intensity. Yet I have also found that if I “ride the wave” I do better than if I resist it. The undertow is quite strong and can have you looking up from the underside of a wave as a surge of emotions wash over you. I’ll take the miracle, thank you.

Miracles are one way to experience the higher frequencies of the celestial energies present now, but there are others as well. You might also expect for things to move quickly to a satisfying outcome or perhaps a new direction to be revealed under the mystical light of the Moon or maybe insights or messages arriving in a timely manner.

The madness side…well again there are other ways to describe it. Craziness, overwhelm, feeling out of control, needing to respond to something before feeling really confident about it. And these are only a few.

The Pluto station now will keep you looking deeper for answers, if you let it. But in order to find them you must be still and not move all over the place. Consider that if you are digging for oil but keep pulling up the drill before reaching oil will only result in a field full of non-productive holes.

path with light in the forest i loveSo to truly get the most out of the unusual energies now, follow the path that is being shown to you by the subtle light of the Moon while being willing to go deeper into the forest. A wealth of treasure can be found at this time if we follow the universe’s lead and trust that we are being lead to just where we need to be.

Many blessings of lunar light,

*The full Moon/lunar eclipse occurs at 12:45 am PDT. Other zones are given on April’s PDF.
*This eclipse will be visible in the USA. Go here to learn more:

P.S. There is more information and insights into the impact of this event on Track 3: Lunar Focus for the Month and on Track 7: Week #3. Also this would be a perfect time to do the meditation on Track 3.