Hello Everyone. The Full Moon this last weekend was quite potent. At least that’s how I experienced it. A time to review, reorganize and release…things, ideas, plans, etc. It’s influence was subtle for the most part, which meant I had to look in my peripheral vision and behind closed doors to discover which areas were being impacted in my life and how.

It seemed that certain things just went “poof!”, disappearing from view. Hard to poof!explain…but it was like what seemed important at one point didn’t an hour later or, wherever I felt a sense of urgency left before I could act.

This said, I did have a rather productive weekend under the influence of the Virgo Moon, getting this in order and that done.

Anyway, so now we enter the week of the year that ends one cycle and begins the next. This can bring a sense of sadness or completion…depends upon what it is and how you feel about it. On Thursday the Sun enters Aries and marks the next phase of life, at least in some way(s). Astrologically it is equated to the New Year.

goals-2014Hence, this is a good time to take another look at those goals and resolutions you set out to tackle this year. Have you made any progress? Or have some pretty important things gone to the wayside. If so, now is a chance to recharge your focus and put them back at the top of your to-do list, or perhaps to let them go if they truly just no longer feel relevant.

Also this week, Mercury enters Pisces giving us one last chance to utilize our minds in a Piscean kind of way, mainly intuitively. You can read all about what to expect while Mercury is in Pisces for the next couple weeks (until 4/7 when it enters the energizing sign of Aries…more on that in April ACM) on the Mercury-Venus-Mars page.

On another note, as I look over April I really can’t believe all that happening…lots more to come.

Warm blessings,