Hello Everyone! This really has been an unusual Mercury retrograde. I’ve been in a kind of loop…as though no matter how much (I think) I’ve been accomplishing and getting done it still seems as though the list never gets shorter. I’ve noticed that during some periods of Mercury retrograde it can seem I’m going backwards or perhaps sideways (!), but recently it feels more like standing still.

water and lightAnd this is certainly one way this aspect can impact us. You move but you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere…something like trying to run in water.

This is because of the surreal and mystical nature of this particular Mercury retrograde, I’m quite sure of it. With the Piscean and now added to it Aquarian energies mixing together things feel unusual…outside the norm…even kinda weird. One manifestation of this is the strange weather patterns in much of the world. Certainly in the Northern Hemisphere. Again…things just don’t seem quite right, do they.

My take is to ride the wave, knowing it will be subsiding around the 1st of March. At least there’s a good chance things will be set aright in some ways. For now, try to go with the flow and not push things. This is a great time to “use” this energy to assist you in any creative process.  It is also advised to rest more…and to tune into the mystery of it all.

Now is a great time to do the meditation on Track 4 and also to (re)listen to the Tarot reading on Track 9. You might try accessing and/or learning more about your intuition on Track 1b as the “veils are thin” and the “portals are open” more so now than usual.

Last Week of the Month
One more thing…the last week of February we enter the Balsmaic phase of the Moon, which is the mystical time of the Lunar cycle. This will add yet another layer to the mix, making it tricky to see and/or know clearly, even if it is right before us. This really is an ideal time to go on mini-retreat and go within, for it is there that the view will be quite a bit clearer as things feel  and seem more “real” on the inside than “out there”…at least for a while longer.

Many Blessings to you during this most mystical time,