path with light in the forest i loveHello Everyone! We are in such an amazing mystical time. Mercury in Pisces, and going retrograde on the 6th, will bring an interesting blend of chaos and mystery at just about every turn. There is a strong desire to escape reality and just live in the worlds of imagination and fantasy.

It is only too easy to have a few unrealistic expectations during this time so be on the look out for that. But this is a great time for all seeing things differently than you have…especially those that seem rigid or stuck.

Your ability to perceive any situation you are facing from new angles and vantages is enhanced now so try to stay open to this, even if what you “see”  may seem odd or unusual for that may be exactly where the solution to what you seek  is found. This is a time when a new path can appear like magic before your very eyes where fog was a moment before.

I’m excited about the possibilities this event holds. But since Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th, there are things to watch out for, such as:

  • Communications can go awry.
  • Misunderstandings occur more frequently.
  • Electronic devices seem to go haywire more often than usual.
  • You just feel less “together” and “with it”.
  • Your mind wanders and you have difficulty getting and staying focused.
  • Feeling quite spacey and daydreaming more than usual.
  • You just feel off center and/or ungrounded.
  • Feeling scattered, confused and/or forgetful.

You will find more on Mercury Retrograde on Track 1a: Key Events for the Month.

I hope you enjoy the higher vibrations of this time…for they are truly special and unique.

Blessings and light,